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3,2,1 PLOVE!

The swimwear as the synthesis of material and form


The diploma project by Pavlína Miklasová called 3,2,1, PLOVE! is a result of a long-term process in the visual, technological and social-cultural respect. Her inspirational sources result from concrete experimental architecture and conceptual arts, which has a close relationship to nature and actual climatic aspects. Human, present in its natural and artificial environment, is the embodiment of always different needs for clothes. In the concrete field of swimwear design, this brings her to the necessity of specifying its purpose and function more accurate. The examination of conceptual, material and processing levels was objectified in the new concepts of swimwear design.

In her world, she is always conscious of connections in today´s instant world. Besides her contact with contemporary technologies and constant investigation in this field there is always present her interest in preserving and connecting the traditional techniques and combining high-tech and low-tech attitudes, and furthermore, all of this carried out with an amount of joke and intelligent friskiness.


Photo: Filip Beránek, filipberanek.tumblr.com
Model: Dominka Julišová & Anna Praibišová
Make up: Lilit Tadevosjanova

Swimwear as a product and an experiment. An innovative swimwear design pioneer.

_From the land with no sea_







Pavlína Miklasová *1991
As one of the few fashion designers, she focuses on the all-Czech swimwear. Her collections are preceded by experiments and thinking about what swimsuits are and can be. Pavlína is a fresh graduate of Fashion and Footwear Design Studio of Liběna Rochová on Prague AAAD.



Diploma Selection 2017 nomination, Designblok – Prague International Design Week/ Collective exhibition + fashion show: „Japan – calm force” Bunka Fashion Graduate University Fashion Week, Tokyo 2017/ Heritage fashion show participant – Fashionclash Festival Maastricht 2016/ The winner of Fashion design category at the competition Talent of design Zlin 2016/ Special award of the Swarovski company, project Nirvana Prague 2013/ Project „Bohemia“ exhibited at Bohemia National Hall New York 2013/ Best of Aplf Awards 2008, bag for Lanificio Bigagli Hongkong 2008






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